What is The Democratic Buzzer?

The Democratic Buzzer is a non-commercial portal. This website presents the various national and international issues in a written format.


Why read The Democratic Buzzer?

The Democratic Buzzer presents its readers with news as it really is and not what would sell. The content presented to the readers is credible and can be accounted for. The motive we have at The Democratic Buzzer is to spread awareness and not loose the morals on which journalism once used to stand.

Why is The Democratic Buzzer special?

The Democratic Buzzer provides for a stage where people discuss topics that should have been questioned but have now subsided with time. Topics and rituals that were once scientific but are now categorized as superstition. The science behind topics such as astrology or "Jyotish" as it was known in ancient India and many such tales that were once true but have turned to fables as time unfolded.


The Aim

We at The Democratic Buzzer strive to provide people with varying views on a single topic so that they may have a better understanding of what is right or of what they thought should have been right. Instead of blindly trusting things we think we should first study it in a good measure, question it and then build a perception.

Our readers

People who have issues with the way news is being presented in a twisted format, they are welcome here. Because no matter what there is a part of us that always believes that the freedom of ink and paper is being downtrodden. Driven by the need, we present to you The Democratic Buzzer.


Expectations from viewers

If you like our work then do join us and help us evolve and if you think something needs to be corrected, let us know and help us become better.