I believe we all can find god but it is up to the questions we ask. God himself answers the toughest of the questions.

An atheist by profession and a believer by heart.

Writer | Engineer

Harmony is far more important than the worldly desires

Writer | IT Engineer | Conversationalist

Just like my surname I enjoy advocacy of my thoughts

Writer | Thinker

Football enthusiast, fan of comics. More about me? Mata kondo

आत्मनः प्रतिकूलानि परेषां न समाचरेत्

Writer| Sports analyst

A drop of rain can give life to the dying and similarly hope can light a fire inside a dying soul. I wish to be that hope for the society

Photographer| Writer | Believer

Writing is not something that you can obtain but rather can inhabit!

सत्य -सत्यमेवेश्वरो लोके सत्ये धर्मः सदाश्रितः । सत्यमूलनि सर्वाणि सत्यान्नास्ति परं पदम् ॥

Photographer| Writer | Poet | Secret Keeper

I don't write, I sell.

I believe that doing something positive is good but spreading the word is better as it helps other people join the cause

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I connect our writers to the world

A good connection is very necessary to keep the flow of information steady and helps build a strong foundation for an even stronger society.

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