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5 Best Summer Fruits Which Keep Your Body Cool And Healthy

Summer means heat, dehydration, heat strokes and sun strokes. But seeing towards its positive side there are many juicy and refreshing variety of summer fruits available at this time in India. Eating summer fruits is a healthy way to keep yourself cool. Due to scorching heat in summers, body losses nutrients.

Check the list of summer fruits which will keep your body cool

Watermelon or Tarbooz

Watermelon, the green colored football with juicy red and white pulp inside is a boon in summers as it contains 91% of water and 6% sugar. It is very delicious and healthy fruit, It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C and vitamin A is needed for maintenance of collagen and growth of body tissues including skin and hair respectively. It helps to keep body hydrated through out the summer. It is the best and most refreshing fruit for summers. Watermelon slices are best served chilled with sprinkled rock salt.

Facts about Watermelon

  • Watermelons are originally from Africa. At present time watermelon are prized for their seeds rather than their pulp in Africa.

  • Approximately 25 commercial varieties of watermelon are cultivated in India with interesting different names like Hampshire midget, Madhuri 64, Black magic and Sugar baby and many more.

  • Before buying watermelon keep this thing in mind. Check the bottom of the fruit as most watermelons have a discolored ground spot, If it is creamy yellow in color, it is rested in the soil before picking and if it is white in color, it means the fruit has been cut prematurely from the vine.

  • Watermelon seeds are also very useful, as the seeds are rich in iron, potassium and other essential nutrients.

  • You can consume watermelon in many forms like in  juices, salads, watermelon cake, watermelon pizza, watermelon sandwiches and many more.

  • In India watermelon is known by different names in different states like Tarbooz in Hindi and Urdu, Tarbuj in Manipuri, Kadu vrindavana in Marathi, Eriputccha in Telegu, Kallangadi balli in Kannada, Tormuj in Bengali and Indrak in Gujarati.

Muskmelon or Kharbooz

Muskmelon, the favorite fruit of many people. It contains water which keeps your body hydrated and it is perfect to beat summer heat. Muskmelon is low in calories and rich in potassium. It helps regulate blood pressure. This fruit is highly fibrous.

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Facts about Muskmelon

  • There are approximately 10 commercial varieties of muskmelon in India. It is grown in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

  • The fragrance is the most important thing while buying muskmelon, as it tells the ripeness of the fruit. Smell near the greener part of muskmelon, if it gives fragrance, it means it is ripe and if it doesn’t smell it means it is a refrigerated melon.

  • In Ayurveda, muskmelon is known to have a cool energy which is best for all the ‘Doshas’. It helps to remove constipation, bladder infection, ulcers, fatigue and colitis.

  • Muskmelon can be eaten in different forms like salad, cold melon soup, it is added to salsa recipes, melon ice creams and many more.


Peaches are the juicy and pulpy fruit that come during summer. It helps to keep body hydrated and it is an ideal combination of sugar and electrolytes.  Peaches are good for skin and you have also head that almost every beauty product related to skin contains peaches.

This fruit is rich in Vitamin A and C. In India peaches are known by different names like Chinani in Sanskrit, Peach, adoo in Hindi, Chumbhrei in Manipuri, Pichesu in Kannada and Pishu in Oriya.


A fruit which is rough red outside and pulpy white inside. Lychee is citric fruit and full of vitamin C and protein. It is grown in tropical and subtropical regions. In India 12 varieties of lychee are grown, mostly in North East. Muzaffarpur, the city in Bihar produce 75% of lychee as it is the most suitable region for growing lychee.

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Do you know?

  • ‘’Lee Chee’’ means gift for joyful life. They are also the symbol of love in China.

  • The National Cancer Institute Cancer Chemotherapy Screening Program found anticancer properties in lychee fruit when it was tested on rats.

Sweet lime or Mosambi

In summer at every juice stall we go and say ‘’Bhaiya Mosambi ka juice dena ‘’

Mosambi or sweet lime is the blessing for humans in summers as they help to keep your body cool. The fruit is rich in antioxidants and the flavonoids present in sweet lime have detoxifying properties and effective in healing peptic ulcers. Mosambi juice is a healthy drink full of vitamins and minerals at the same time. It is a good alternative of soda drinks. Mosambi juice helps in treating person suffering from sunstroke.

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