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Black Cat Commandos!’Saving Kashmir’ is securing politics of BJP-TDP behind the curtains?

Black Cat Commandos are a very elite force of India. Commandos of NSG (National Security Guards) are called Black Cat Commandos because of their black dress and cat on the logo. They are sent only when there is an alarming situation like a counter terrorism operation or a counter hijack situation in any part of country. But suddenly when the NSG was directed to send their commandos in Kashmir for handling the insurgency, the news seems pretty bizarre considering the current scenario. Sources said that by sending Black Cat Commandos in Kashmir, BJP is resting on a safer side after making pressure on PDP(Peoples Democratic Party) for providing Kashmir with special protection and security. Just to remind the unkown that this alliance of BJP-PDP came into the power with the clear statement of ‘Bringing Jammu and Kashmir Closer’, however this alliance in its three years of power has contributed in the opposite direction.

National or state politics behind sending Black Cat Commando (NSG) in Jammu and Kashmir:

BJP doesn’t have any option but to support PDP even if it means having ideological and political differences from the core. BJP doesn’t want to lose this battle in the middle of it. If history is to be believed, every time a party forms the government in alliance with the BJP, they have in all cases lost the very next elections and PDP knows it very well. So both the parties have no choice but to praise each other in order to avoid the chances of elections before 2019 because both are aware of the consequences of an early elections. So here by sending Black Cat Commandos (NSG) in Kashmir both PDP and BJP are trying to save their game. It will not only strengthen the image of BJP in Kashmir but the entire Nation which will help BJP to win elections in other states also. So BJP is playing the state and the national game in one shot.

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Why BJP doesn’t pull out and avoid the chances of  election before 2019?

There are number of reason why BJP will not pull out and will want this alliance as it is. First and the foremost threat is the alliance between Congress and NC in the upcoming elections, both parties have already started working on the plans. Sources suggest that something is cooking behind the curtains which can go tough for both PDP and BJP. Probably BJP can win in Jammu but that won’t be enough to make the government on its own, BJP needs an ally from Kashmir, which will not be possible if elections fall before 2019. If elections do take place then BJP will lose the government and PDP can lose its presence. As per present scenario all the leaders are not really happy with Mehbooba Mufti. After sensing this the protests of the students are being supposedly funded by the opposition. So pulling out of the government at this stage would be suicidal for the BJP-PDP alliance.

High Security to weaken the game of Mehbooba Mufti:

At the time of alliance it was clear that Mehbooba Mufti is not the one to be dictated by BJP, which has clearly been visible in these three years. Asifa’s case has left Mehbooba Mufti busy improving her image amongst the Kashmiri masses while BJP retains full control of PDP by letting full control go into the hands of the NSG. Sending sudden NSG(National Security Guard) just before a year of election in Kashmir for security and control the situation , gives us many angles. BJP doesn’t want PDP to get strengthen without BJP , BJP will give its all possible efforts to maintain the balance of power between BJP and TDP equally,if not equally then not less at least.

360 degree Analysis of BJP, where Kashmir is way behind the Jammu:

As we are seeing BJP is doing 360 degree analysis, keeping 2019 election in mind, they are looking at each part of the state individually. We all know Kashmir is on the boil, infrastructure has crumbled. Jammu the state of BJP has developed into a city which gives you a feel of New Delhi, but on the other hand if you look at Kashmir valley, it tells you a completely different picture. So now in the midst, sending NSG would be BJP’s big saving weapon to justify that they have done many efforts to save Kashmir. BJP does not want to lose the government in Kashmir, back logs in Kashmir’s development are because of PDP’s and BJP’s  two way thinking, the opnly reason they are together is for a win, ideologically they are way apart.

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Action to Overlap Mehbooba’s decision of two BJP Minister’s resignation (Within 15 days):

As per the experts the decision of sending Black Cat Commandos ( NSG) in Kashmir was taken within 15 days, just after the moment when PDP CM Mehbooba Mufti asked the resignation of two BJP leaders. It strangely does give a sense that BJP is trying to come up with btter arrangements in order to cover up the resignations associated with the Kathua case.

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