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Burhan’s Encounter: An Anti-National Holiday

Not too long ago if you turn time around for just 2 years an incident shook the Kashmir valley and what followed next was bloodshed, violence and unrest amongst the residents. The incident as you might have guessed was the killing of the Hijbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani, a wanted and certified terrorist by the Armed Forces. Thousands of people mourned the death of the terrorist which was rather sad for humanity as a whole. Since then to what extent has Kashmir changed and more importantly how much have the people changed?

The answer to this is yes, they have changed both Kashmir and its people. Now, there is a section of the population who are progressive and moving ahead at an impressive pace as they uphold the honour of not only the nation but of human life too. They do so by working hard and cracking the toughest competitions in the country from Civil and Armed services to IIT entrance exams. They work in all sectors of the market and earn a respectable wage while on the other hand is the section that will greatly anger anyone with any bit of humanity inside, this category barely survives let alone thrive. They believe violence is the solution to all problems contradicting the very basis of the nation’s foundations of non-violence setup by Gandhi. They fail to realize that pelting stones will only lead them to a bullet in the head.

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These people cannot justify their actions in the name of freedom, they are equally guilty as the branded terrorists otherwise what kind of people pelt a DSP Ayub Pandit to death on the morning of Eid and which section of the society kidnaps a police officer and kills him for serving a nation just a day before Eid? This section has forgotten what it means to live in a peaceful and harmonious society and have become violence addicts. For them violence is the new opium. These people do not deserve mercy.

Source- Aljazeera

It is very disheartening to learn that these people often have a soft spot for Pakistan but on what basis if not religion do you select a country like Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed and where Salauddin is a hero? The very country that houses Masood Azhar and Dawood Ibrahim talks of fighting terrorism. Weren’t people of Mumbai and Kandhar Express innocent or did their lives matter any less? Let alone our country, they were responsible for the brutal murder of their own 140 children!  Its not just charity that starts at home so does hypocrisy.

Source- Washington Post

For those advocating Wani by saying he fought for the freedom of the people and died for them should know that his father’s own words through known media portals were that he does not support any constitution and wants Sharia law to preside over the valley. We all know that freedom in Sharia law is like peace in Kashmir valley, non-existent. These people want girls to stay at home and venture out only when asked upon.

How brutal was Zaira Wasim’s trolling on social media, people from her state instead of supporting her for the brilliant work she did in Dangal, abused and trolled her on social media. Does working in cinema make anyone less devoted towards their religion? In the recent case of Javaid Ahmad Darr, a constable in Kashmir police was kidnapped and killed in the forest by either the locals or the terrorists. He was getting medicines for her mother who was to leave for Haj shortly. What kind of protests kill their own people?

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Sometimes I wonder if this category of people really know what they are fighting for, some are fighting in the name of freedom while others want the Sharia law to be enacted. Its like an unstoppable force colliding with an unmovable object. Nothing will change. Burhan Wani and his father are a prime example of what I wish to say. Wani was declared a hero for fighting in the name of freedom and at the same time his father supports the Sharia, as I said hypocrisy starts at home.

Japan and Germany are examples of what Kashmir “could have” been if they had used their energies constructively. Japan faced the most destructive of human weapons while Germany was the epicentre of World War II yet they united and glorified their motherland. If not anyone learn something from Afghanistan that stands tall against terrorism taking hit after hit, blow after blow yet it does not budge. The only quality required is a clean intent, the intent to live and not to kill.


I don’t know if these extremists will change or not but Kashmir will definitely change, peace will return and women will be empowered. Kashmir will once again be the beautiful heaven it once was because terrorists like Burhan Wani have only one place to be and that is 6 feet under the ground where they will rot with a bullet in their head.

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