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B.V.R Subramanyam and K Vijay Kumar: These Fierce Officers To Assist Governor Vohra In Kashmir

The BJP-PDP alliance has finally ended, some called it an unholy alliance while others said the breakup was inevitable. After the recent violence during the ceasefire requested by PDP, BJP found it impossible to work with Mehbooba Mufti, at least that is what they said post break up. Governor’s rule has been imposed in the terror affected state and from what it appears, the armed forces are ready to take on the terror mongers for good. A team of NSG (National Security Guard) popularly known as the “Black Cat Commandoes” have been deployed in the Kashmir Valley. Along with the highly trained unit, a host of radars and a team of highly skillful snipers have also been put in action in the sensitive regions of Srinagar.

All this comes within one day after the alliance broke up. As sources report, a group of terrorists has already been killed on the first day of deployment. To make matters worse for the militants in the valley, the Central government on Tuesday evening has now sent two of their most feared and respected officers to assist the Governor in order to restore peace in Kashmir. The two officers posted in J&K are:

  1. BVR Subramanyam, the Additional Chief Secretary (Home) (Earlier posted in Chattisgarh)

  2. K Vijay Kumar, Retd. IPS Officer and Anti-Naxal Expert.

BVR Subramanyam

An IAS officer of the 1987 Chhattisgarh Cadre, BVR Subramanyam has also worked for the World Bank after serving as the personal secretary to the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh from 2002-2007. Before being posted in Kashmir, BVR Subramanyam was the Additional Chief Secretary (Home) in Chattisgarh where he worked hard for the development of the Naxalite affected areas. BVR Subramanyam is known for his work against the naxalites given the 300 Naxals killed under his leadership while more than a 1000 of them surrendered. BVR Subramanyam has now been appointed as the Chief Secretary to Governor Vohra in J&K. After extensively handling the intense Naxalite affected area of Chhattisgarh, it would be quite interesting to see how he takes up the militancy in J&K.

BVR Subramanyam

K Vijay Kumar

A 1975 IPS Officer of the Tamil Nadu Cadre, Vijay Kumar was the Chief of the Special Task Force that launched ‘Operation Cocoon’ to nab the notorious smuggler Veerappan in Tamil Nadu. This is not the first time when Vijay Kumar has been posted in Kashmir. He served as the Inspector General of the Border Security Force (BSF) in Kashmir during the Kargil War from 1998-2001 soon after which he had Veerappan shot down in Tamil Nadu. What makes Vijay Kumar especially suitable for this job is his effectiveness in high pressure situations and the confidence to take bold steps in adversity.

K Vijay Kumar

The steps being taken for now seem solid and the hopes of peace returning to the valley for some are highest now while for some the state will be plundered even deeper into anguish. We have seen that government and their governance alone cannot solve the Kashmir problem, if it could, it would have already been done. Ceasefires seem hopeless, Shujaat Bukhari and Aurangzeb’s lives and murder is a testament to that. If this really is the lowest times in Kashmir, then there is only one way and that is upwards. With these dynamic officers and their excellent teams let us hope Kashmir sees better days that are yet to come.

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