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Congress And JD(S) Crying Foul In Karnataka For Something They Themselves Started 35 Years Ago

As we are seeing Congress is crying for the justice and coming up with others states example in the case of Karnataka,but history is just opposite of it. Congress has alleged BJP and the present Governor for doing injustice. But are you aware of the instances where Congress has done the same? Isn’t it like “Sou Chuhe khakar Billi Haz ko chali“? Was this pattern started by the Congress themselves and they are now themselves showing the tantrums? What happened in the history of Karnataka when opposition party went to the court against the Governor? Is it the first time when the governor is speaking the words of the government in the power? Or the wheel has turned full cycle after 22 years in Karnataka?

Has Karma of HD Deve Gowda come in front of his son after 22 years?

If you remember the case of year 1996, when BJP government had won the floor test in assembly but within 24 hours, a United Front prime-minister Mr HD Deve Gowda had recommended to the President to dismiss the state government based on a report by the governor of the stateThen BJP called it a murder of Democracy. At that time Vajubhai Rudhabhai Vala was the president of BJP in GujaratInterestingly the wheel has turned its full cycle. After 22 years, todayVajubhai Vala is the governor of Karnataka and Deve Gowda’s party Janata Dal led by his son HD Kumaraswamy, is seeking to form a government in the state with the help of Congress. If history is to be remembered then, it seems quite obvious and Congress should not mind Vajubhai to invite BJP with 104 seats to form a government being the single largest party. HD Kumaraswamy has to pay for his father’s Karma.

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Instances when Congress stopped the largest party to form a government by using power:

There are several instances  where Central governments had tried to make the government of their choice through the governors. Article 356 of the Constitution  has been misused

  • It is not the first time when Karnataka is watching these Tantrums, in 1989, the most quoted verdicts in the country’s political historyIt is not the first time when Karnataka is watching these tantrums of government parties. History says it all. Karnataka has the history where CM had to knock the door of the supreme court to get his government back when Congress was in central. S.R. Bommai was the Chief Minister of the Janata Dal in 1989. His government was dismissed on April 21, 1989, under Article 356 of the Constitution and President’s Rule was imposed, in what was then a mostly common mode to keep Opposition parties at bay. Dismissal was done because Bommai government had lost the majority. Then the Governor Venkatasubbaiah had refused to give opportunity to Bommai to even test his majority in the assembly. Bommai challenged the Governor’s decision in the Supreme Court. The decision came in favor of Bommai and the intervention of the then Prime Minister was restored by the Bommai government.

  • In 2009 when  Governor alleged the government to have secured majority in the fraudulent manner: Harsraj Bhardwaj, who was Union Minister in the UPA-1 government, was appointed Governor of Karnataka on June 25, 2009. Bharadwaj dismissed the majority government of the then Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa in Karnataka. The governor had said that the Yeddyurappa government has secured majority in the fraudulent manner.Then the Government and governor both were from Congress.

  • When Indira Gandhi used power to dismiss the state government in Andhra Pradesh:First time in 1983 when there was a non-congress government in Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of N T RamaraoChief Minister N.T. Ramaraw had suddenly gone abroad for a heart surgery. Indira Gandhi took advantage of this opportunity to dismiss the government by the President. State Finance Minister N Bhaskar Rao claimed that the majority of TDP MLAs are with him and considering this claim, the Governor dismissed the government. However, Ramaraw was later reinstated as Chief Minister.

So there were several instances in the history where Central pressured the governors to send the report against the state governments and they did so.Congress were there in central for around 54 years and many a time state governments were dismissed on the basis of these reports.It is just a pattern ,central governments try to make the government of their choice through the governors.It may be first time when Congress has tasted its own medicine. In true sense whether it is BJP or Congress all have abused  the Article 356 of the Constitution and poisoned the Democracy.

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