Doga: New Superhero Film On The Horizon

Superheroes are no longer limited to the glossy pages of comics. They are flying high and are shining in the sky of movies. The Avengers and Justice League need no introduction. But all the successful superhero movies are from the West.

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DC and Marvel have mastered the art of making superhero movies. If we take a look at superhero movies made in India, we will find classic Bollywood drama. Instead of through and through superhero movies, we find the flying jatts and the Krrishes dancing on the floor. India has a dedicated comics community and it has been craving for a well thought out superhero movie. That craving is about to end as Raj Comics has announced a super hero flick based on superhero Doga. It will be a short film, named “Mumbai Ka Rakhwala”.

Ye Hai Doga- Mumbai Ka Baap

Source- Raj Comics

For those who don’t know him, Doga is a superhero created by Raj Comics. He protects the city of Mumbai by his special “Doga Nyay”. He doesn’t solve problems. He uproots them. Not shy of killing criminals, Doga is more of an anti-hero. He rules the hearts of Mumbaikars as is known as “Mumbai Ka Baap”. The real identity of Doga is Suraj. Suraj is an orphan who saw the dark side of life early in his childhood. He was abducted by dacoit Halkaan Singh and raised among his group of dacoits. He managed to escape and found a new home in Lion Gym of Mumbai. He learned the art of bodybuilding there and various self defense arts under the pupillage of his four uncles. He hates criminals and delivers instant justice.

Created by Sanjay Gupta, Tarun Kumar Wahi and Manu, Doga has a special place in the hearts of Indian comic fans. Mostly his stories are based on real life incidents, which make him special. Doga is also famous for his hard hitting dialogues, by the pen of Sanjay Gupta. Through the pencilling Manu (Edison George), Doga rose to his full glory. The name Manu was enough for the readers to pickup the comic. Some of the best comics of Doga are- Khaki aur Khaddar, Sher ka Baccha,786, Khooni Paheliyan and Khoon ka Khatara.

Doga has been waiting to arrive on the screens for a long time. Anurag Kashyap announced a film on Doga in 2010 but the project was eventually dropped after the pathetic performance of Bombay Velvet. Raj Comics took the matter in their hands and decided to modify the plans. Now instead of a movie, the project will be a short film or a web series. It is expected to make way through new platforms of entertainment apps. It is not clear whether it will be launched on Netflix, Amazon Prime or on the Raj Comics app itself. For now, enjoy the first glimpse of Mumbai ka Baap.

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