Theories, Reality, Science, Time, SHOCKING! Theories That Will Baffle You And Your Perspective Of Reality And Time!

SHOCKING! Theories That Will Baffle You And Your Perspective Of Reality And Time!

Lets imagine the World from zero to infinity, out of the things we see and believe. Scientists and philosophers have already given many theories which are mind blowing and strong enough to change the world twice. Trust me these are the theories which can change your common perception of reality. Some of us think coincidences never happen where some are true believers of coincidences. There are infinite worlds and universes which are running on the same time parallel to this, it has already been proven and we all know it. Lets have a look on these mind blowing theories which everyone believe but forget to retain.

Big freeze theory:

Big freeze theories is a theory which states that everything will be frozen one day. Every universe has limited supply of energy and when this energy will run out this world will be in frozen state. As far as energy is concerned it is generated through the motion of particles and the universe is on the verge of losing all its energy, gradually this motion is slowing down and certainly one day everything will come to a hold or freeze.

Theory of consciousness:

Everyone of us believe our consciousness and this is all about it. Scientifically we can call it Sposism. Everything apart from the individual’s consciousness is fake, whatever you believe is the real thing rest all are your illusions. Isn’t it silly? Yes it seems silly but if you give a deep thought about it, it really is impossible to verify anything but your own consciousness. Whatever we perceive is just a product of information which takes place in different sections of our minds, and everything which exists in our mind we hardly ever doubt.

Theory of George Berkeley(Idealist):

What if someone came to you and said whatever you are seeing does not exist, and actually everything exists in your mind. Berkeley argued that everything exists as an idea in someone’s mind. Some of his peers called his theory as stupid and one of his opponents kicked a stone with his eyes closed and said, “I disprove it thus!”. But Berkeley refuted it that there was an omnipotent and omnipresent God who was able to see everything simultaneously. He claimed that notional ideas are the origin of all illusions.

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Phenomenalism, it exists when you see it:

Yes this the amazing theory which states about what happens to your things when you don’t see them .Many scientist worked on it and concluded that they actually disappear! For instance your mobile phone is there while you see it and believe it exists but as you turn away it disappears until you again interact with it.There is nothing in existence without your perception as per the theory.

Platos theory that everything is made of same:

Our car, home, stars, moon everything is made of same basic material with different composition, yes a famous philosophers Plato had also argued that there is a perfect world beyond our perceived reality. Everything whatever we see and happens is just a imitation of how things truly are in the perfect world.

Theory of Present-ism:

Time never exists it only passes, present is everything and the only reality, the rest i.e. past and futures are imaginary. Whatever you are doing right now is real and exist until you do it again.This is the theory of Present-ism given by St. Augustine.

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The Multiverse Theory:

Most of us have already heard about the Multiverse theory. Theory says there are infinite universe and one or two events are happening exactly the same manner in other universes. It is quite possible that you are existing in same manner in other universe also, it may be possible that you have not yet been born in one universe while exist in the other or you may be sleeping in one while fighting a war in the other.

There are many Universes existing at same time and even this write-up is being written in the same way parallel to this, but whats the point? The point is just to find out the reality, the existence and the truthfulness of existence. Certainly these theories have already blown your mind but this is what nature of reality actually is. Find out your own space of existence which  solely depends on a very thin line which separates reality out of  imaginations, but keep in mind reality is not as obvious.

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