Fantasy And Beyond : Must Read Indian Comics Of 2017

Internet can be a weird place. It’ll tell you about top 10 memes of 2017,top 10 tweets of 2017 and so much other stuff but here’s something you won’t find anywhere else. We bring to you the best of India’s underrated comics world. Forget the bats and the spiders. Here are the must read desi titles which will keep you glued.

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Coming from the home of Indian superheroes – Raj Comics, this title featuring Super Commando Dhruv has a tightly knit story with jaw dropping twist and turns. Creator Anupam Sinha’s name is enough for making the title super hit, however, it out performs every other SCD title. Exploring the past of India’s beloved Dhruv- Dead End reveals some secrets that’ll change him forever.


One of Vimanika Comic’s finest work- Durga came out this year. Every time the Goddess descends, her challenges get bigger and badder. Written by Shashank Avvaru with artwork from Dildeep Singh, Alessio Mariani and research input from Shailendra Gulhati this graphic novel collects three stories of the goddess as Durga, Vaishno Devi and Chandi. While the story is gripping, the artwork is the highlight of the graphic novel. If you dig Indian epics, this one is for you.


While the Indian comics industry has multiple publication houses, very few of them provide comics in Hindi. Fenil Comics is one of them. FC has published multiple issues this year and 1411 is certainly the best of them. Written by Fenil Sherdiwala and Virendra Kushwaha, this title deals with poaching of tigers who have already been reduced to 1411! Bajrangi – the lead hero puts his heart and soul into this. Penciler Anand Jadhav has done outstanding work and the cover is intriguing too.


The fictional city of Rajnagar boasts of the best superhero duo in Indian comics world- Super Commando Dhruv and Inspector Steel. But what has caused the ultimate destruction of this beautiful city? Rajnagar Uddharak is the finale issue of Rajnagar Rakshak series which explores the dynamics of Rajnagar like none other. Writer Stuti Mishra stuns the readers with this well researched story which proves to be an emotional roller coaster too. Penciler Hemant Kumar has made some memorable pages while the overall artwork is fluid.


Caster – The Catholic superhero of Holy Cow Entertainment has landed his second issue. In a universe of spirits, angels and demons, Caster discovers his amazing new powers and tries to protect his soul from a demonic enemy straight from the pits of hell. Penciler Gaurav Shrivastav has a very good reputation in Indian comics scenario and he has delivered once again. Mesmerizing artwork that leaves you craving for more. Writer Anirudh Singh has left his mark, pacing the story very well.


Campfire has a beautiful delivered the stroy of our beloved Missile Man, former President – APJ Abdul Kalam. Author Nalini Ramachandran and illustrator Rajesh Nagulakonda have done an amazing job. The issue is a must have for every Indian and will not leave you disappointed.


Publisher TBS planet has had an amazing year, winning the hearts of Indian readers with honest efforts. Rudra is a comic which does the same. Rudra is the newest comics superhero from TBS Planet. Son of Vayu, Blessing of Shiva. Left as a baby on Earth 10,000 years ago, just after “The Great War” at Swarglok, he has suddenly woken up.


Coming from Campfire, this graphic novel tells the story of World War 2, as it happened in the East, through the eyes of the servicemen and civilians on both sides of the conflict. It follows the invasion of Manchuria by Japan in 1937, right through to the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Author Jason Quinn leaves no space for complaints and Penciler Naresh Kumar beautifully makes the readers witness history.

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