From locking them to breaking bones, the actors who risk them self for their role!

Generally, we all watch a film and set our assumptions about the film and the actors. But we never think about the hard work and the dedication of actors. To make it the best movie, there are many efforts and the. hard work of everyone. There are some actors who get into the skin of their characters and there are some who put in an extra mile to make it look more real. In order to do that, the actors push themselves to extreme limits. Every positive thing also has its negative effects as well. So while going to the depth of the character, it had deeply affected the actor and their normal life.

Here is the list of some actors who had put their lives in danger for a role in their movie.

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is known for his energetic and enthusiasm acting.He gets deep into his character that he is playing in his film. Recently the role of Alauddin Khilji left everyone awestruck. While shooting for his movie Bajirao Mastani he broke his shoulder for the fight scene. To get into Alauddin Khilji role he isolated himself and stayed locked inside his apartment. It was the negative role which affects him to this extent that he went into depression and then he had to seek psychiatric help to come out from this phase and become normal.

In an interview, he said that while he was shooting for Padmaavat he only used to talk to his mother and at one point he was all broken.

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Kate Winslet

Rose from the movie Titanic has given a lot of mega hits and became the youngest actress in the history to be nominated for six Academy Awards. Kate Winslet’s  most difficult role was from the movie The Reader in 2008 where she had played the role of a former Nazi concentration camp guard. According to her, this is the one performance which affected her health. She took a month to come out of her role in the movie and escaping a serious car accident. Winslet Came over everything and continues to be one of the top actresses in Hollywood.

Heath Ledger

We all remember The iconic Joker from the movie Batman is the very famous negative character. It looked perfect because of the actor’s hard work, as to get into the character he locked himself away in London hotel room for a month and keeping a diary and experimenting with various voices until he came up with the final vision of the character. After all his hard work he became one of the most memorable Villans of all the time. He also won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2009. It was really very tragic that after doing all the hard work he was not able to see himself on the screen as he passed away from accidental prescription drug overdose one year before the release of the film. Some even said that his role in the movie drove him to his end.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The ground level actor who made his place in Bollywood by his acting and hard work. He is kind of person who does not think twice before taking challenging roles. His role in the movie Raman Raghav, a brutal serial killer left him deeply disturbed.

He said,” Somewhere I could not tell what is right and what is wrong. Those lines in my life got blurred. Then what happens is that film gets completed but it stills remain alive in your life as it is said that ‘If you take something from the character then it also takes a lot of things out of your life.”

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Anushka Sharma

Actor and a producer Anushka Sharma is a very talented actress. In her film NH10, she had done mind-blowing and natural acting. It wasn’t easy for her as she went through a ride of emotions. In an interview, she said ” I was in a depression when I did the scene of being molested in NH10,” she also added” Being punched, kicked in the stomach and all that, I was just thinking how humans can be this way. We aren’t exposed to so much in life other than reading newspaper. But to shoot scenes are extremely traumatizing.”

Alia Bhatt

The role of Alia in Udta Punjab was very challenging and out of her league. After all the controversies the movie was a big hit. Alia had proven her self in acting by her role in this movie. She had spoken about the rape case in the movie was too emotionally challenging for her. while shooting the scene she just wanted to complete the shoot and go back home. After that, she was traumatized and she didn’t go to the set for a long time.

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