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Gau Raksha and Religions! What Swami Vivekananda had to say about Gau Raksha?

We have seen so many movements in Indian history which have been started and slowly built up to more pernicious and trouble making groups. There is only one barrier that stops any government from taking harsh action against such anti-social elements and the barrier is vote bank. Gau Rakshak is one of them. We are not against the Gau Rakshaks so was Swami Vivekananda, but he described it in a manner that states, stand straight against the inhumanity and set the priority to be human first. And these days it is disgusting that humans are being killed to save cows, how does it solve the purpose or does it have any purpose behind it? It’s not just the holy reverence that drives them to such vigilantism, there is adventure and adrenaline rush associated with it. Just to understand this matter from periphery to core we will see a very interesting conversation between a Gau Rakshak and Swami Vivekananda from history.

There are many incidents around the country which take place these days not because of religion but politics. Like 60-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri for allegedly possessing beef. However, forensic reports later revealed that he had in fact possessed mutton not beef. Similarly Alwar lynching case, Udhampur truck attack, ink attack on Kashmiri MLA etc.

Lets visit the conversation from history which will make you analyse the fact. It was the incident of year 1983, when Swami Vivekananda had just returned from the Parliament of the World Religions in Chicago. Where he strongly introduced Hinduism to the World, hence no one could be better than him to tell about Hinduism to the core and about Gau Raksha also.

Gau Rakshak came to meet Swami ji and gifted a painting of Gau Mata to him, and conversation started-

Swami Ji– What is the purpose of this meeting of people?

Gau Rakshak-We save the cows from all around the country, we build Gau shala and provide treatments to ill cows if required.

Swami Ji-From Where you get funds for this?

Gau Rakshak-People like you provides us support and we run the movement. The Marwari Vaishya society offers special help in this work. They have given a lot of money for this work.

Swami Ji– Do you know there is terrible famine in central India? Government has declared that people are dying because of hunger and nonavailability of food. is your movement doing anything for this or contributing anything to it.

Gau Rakshak– We do not help in famine etc. This gathering is established only for the purpose of protecting the Cows. It is the result of people’s actions – due to sin, there is a famine. Just as ‘Karma is there, so is the fruit.

After listening these words from Gau Rakshak Swamy Ji got filled with anger and said” The committee which does not sympathize, while their brothers are starving, they do not even give a handful of grains to protect their lives, but distributing grains on a large scale to the animals. I do not believe that such committee will be ever fruitful to the society”Then he said” If Humans are dying because of the fruits of their Karmas then your work for animals and birds will also be covered under it”.

Hence saving animals by killing humans cant be the vision of any religion of any country. No country can ever develop by promoting such things. Why are Muslims being targeted to give up on beef ? Because it is written nowhere that Muslims have to eat beef in their religion, nor is it written anywhere in Christianity, so why this chaos  in the country under the name of religion? Keeping all religions aside, we all should look into virtue of saving cows equally, it should be mutual rather than forceful. We all should not let it be the matter of politics.

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