Top Badass Batman Moments

I’m vengeance, I am the night.. I AM BATMAN. You may be familiar with this iconic dialogue
of Batman. He’s the most admired superhero on the planet. Batman isn’t superhuman. He’s
more than that. He has the ultimate drive,will power that a human being can have. Here we
take a look at the moments where he showed why he’s the best.

Gotham’s Bat beats up Metropolis’ favorite Son

Not many can even think of taking down Superman. But Batman is Batman. He not only prepares for taking down Supes, he executes his plan to perfection. An elderly Batman suited up to face off Superman beats him to dirt. Not to forget the badass dialogue he delivered. This sequence influenced Dawn of Justice movie.

God? Not to me.

Forager, one of the new Gods sacrificed himself to save both Batman and the entire planet earth. After that, one of the other New Gods, Orion, makes the mistake of disrespecting Forager in front of everybody. So much of a disrespect. Wounded Batman responds by punching Orion in the damn face. Even Superman couldn’t do so. Look at his expression.

Back-up Personality 

Grant Morrison isisn’t a writer. He’s the master of storytelling. In his epic Batman:RIP storyline he made Batman look deep into his own brainBatman, Even after having a subliminal trigger phase implanted into his subconscious years ago by his now antagonist, Dr. Hurt, he manages to circumvent brainwashing by having prepared a back-up personality. YES. A “back-up human operating system” as he describes it. It was named- Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

Try Me

The much hyped and super powerful villain of the next Justice League movie- Darkseid was defeated by Batman in most extraordinary badass style. In the “Final Crisis” story arc, Darkseid call out Batman to accept his defeat. All we know for a fact, Batman doesn’t blackout from challenges. The caped crusader showed up and mortally wounded the God Darkseid. In the process, Batman was hit by Omega Beams and was sent back into time.

Up From The Grave

Another one from Batman RIP storyline. Batman was drugged and was buried alive by a group of villains. In his last gasps, Gotham’s protector digs back from his own grave and following that he takes down his foes.

Lighting up Martians

 During the New World Order story arc, a group of super powered aliens called Hyperclan invaded the Earth. They defeated Justice League with ease.Of course, Batman wasn’tdead, and while undercover deduces that the Hyperclan are actually evil White Martians, which means that they are susceptible to fire. He slinks around their stronghold, knocking off members of the Hyperclan one by one using nothing but a can of gasoline and some matches.

Batman Rules The Court – Of Owls

Scott Snyder is one of the modern greats of comics’ writing. He and artist Greg Capullo
made a name for themselves working on New52 Batman. One of the starting stories of New
52 Batman was The Court Of Owls. The Court Of Owls is a secret society living underground
in Gotham for ages. They are everywhere and they see everything. Court of Owls had
Batman where they wanted and had injured him badly. Just when they thought they won it,
Batman turned the tables.

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