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Has China Sold Two Spy Satellites To Pakistan To Keep Watch On India? Is Pakistan Being Trapped?

China has the largest military force in the world and Pakistan is the biggest enemy of India, so India has two threats surrounding its borders very closely. Though India is way ahead from Pakistan in space technology having 43 operational satellites with the radar imaging satellites with all-weather surveillance capability; world knows that India has recently used its satellites for the surgical strikes. But China cares only about it, no matter whom it hurts and now it is using Pakistan to counter India. Defeating Pak is not big deal for India but when it includes China then India has to revise its strategies and power. India should not take this recent friendship lightly. What are those facts which enable Pakistani experts to say” Pakistan will soon defeat India”?

In one hand the Chinese are using VETO power to save a terrorist and on the other hand it dismissed Pak General’s  allegation of RAW sabotaging CPEC. Don’t you think something is fishy here? Many members of Pak Intelligentsia are concerned about CPEC and already calling it the  next Avatar of East India Company. In the true sense Pakistan’s real friend is next door on its eastern border but the top bras of Pak Army don’t allow tensions to die down for their many selfish reasons. As per the present scenario China is using Pakistan to stir the pot to force India to waste it’s resources to defend its borders. Let’s understand how is China helping Pakistan to defeat India? What are big threats for India on which immediate strategies are required?

The Chinese have built a deep water port in Baluchistan, which is indirectly affecting Indian defence forces in the maritime region. Gradually they want to control the succession to present the Dalai Lama and neutralize any threat from Buddhists.

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To keep control on India, the Chinese sold two spy satellites to Pakistan, the two were launched yesterday morning on Chinese rocket Long March-2C from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China. The PRSS-1  is a remote sensing satellite built by China and sold to Pakistan. The other PakTES-1A – is Pak’s indigenous developed scientific experiment satellite. The first one PRSS-1 is capable to work even in clouded conditions and has power to carry out day and night. Though scientists said it will be used for natural disasters etection, agriculture research, urban construction and other development in the country but experts revealed it is just a step to keep continuous watch on India.

The CPEC is based on $46 billion which Pakistan has taken from China under the sovereign guarantee. Contracts for investment is one sided with no bid contracts against the Chinese. If you check some historical facts then Sri Lanka is one of the best examples to compare this case with who isn the current scenario are unable to pay debt to the Chinese. Sri Lanka has now spent 90% of all government revenue to service the debt. Do you really think Pak can even repay this ever?

This case can be compared with the France domination on northern African countries. France dominated Mali, Niger, Ivory Coast because of their poverty and slow development. Same way the Chinese are supporting Pakistan to solve their own purposes. The CPEC is only focusing on oil and gas, where are the other structure?

Possibly China is using Pak as a proxy state to control Muslim rebellions in western chinese province of Xinjiang. If Pakistan and India continuously fight then China will win the race without even fighting and wasting its resources. As per the present scenario Pakistan can’t survive without its ally. China is supplying weapons and technologies to Pak to fight India. So trusting Pakistan is not the issue for India but if Pak is trusting China then it is literally a blunder on Pakistan’s part and a big threat to India.

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