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Indian Super Heroes Who Will Save The Day When Avengers Won’t

“I don’t want to go,”

By this time, you’ve probably recovered from trauma caused by Thanos in Marvel’s Avengers : Infinity War. Earth’s mightiest heroes have faced their biggest challenge yet and those who have watched the movie know how it panned out. Ever wondered what will happen if a being like Thanos attacks India with the Avengers not in the scene? Do we have the superheroes to protect our motherland? The surprising answer is a big yes! India has a variety of its own superheroes who have saved the country and the world itself from complete destruction. Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga, Faulad Rakshak are some of the Indian super heroes The big question is, who among them can save humanity from insanely powerful super villains. Here we take a look at Indian super heroes who are capable of stopping *that* click of fingers as a team-


The undisputed face of Indian super heroes – Nagraj is more than capable of stopping of any villain on his own. The son of Mahanagar possesses a huge, read that- HUGE army of snakes residing in his very own body. It gives Nagraj enormous physical strength. He has overcome sheer energy of a black hole on his own. The face of Raj Comics – Nagraj has defeated death itself in a story arc. His venom can melt any living being. To be honest, N means hope.


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This superhero, coming from Delhi can defeat super villains by only using his savage words. On a serious note, Dilli ki chhat – Parmanu has various advanced technology based gadgets capable of moving the unmovable. He has survived at the core of an exploding volcano. Parmanu can shrink and expand his size. He uses lethal atomic blasts to punish super villains. Parmanu also has Probot to help him in tricky situations. Probot is robotic incarnation of his super genius scientist uncle.


Shakti is one of the few female Indian super heroes in a comic world dominated by male super heroes. She is the incarnation of Almighty Devi Maa herself. Shakti can travel at the speed of light and can be present at multiple places at the same time. It’s almost impossible to contain her when she goes berserk. Divine fire is her deadly attack, capable of melting anything in its way.

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“सर्व शक्तिमान है अडिग! चटनी बना देगा! ” When you see him, you may wonder we are taking a dig at the Hulk, but we are not. He’s BIG, he’s blue and he’s a monster! No literally, Adig is a monster by birth who is on the good side of things. His physical prowess is unparalleled and he can move mountains just by his bare hands. Every team needs a monster to counter power with power and Adig is the monster of this team.

Chacha Chaudhari

Look away Super Commando Dhruv fans! Our beloved Chachaji is the brains of this team. What’s power without direction? Every team needs a planner and Chacha Chaudhari is the one in this team. Do we really need to explain why? He may not be helpful in fist fights but he can be the mastermind of the plan to bring down the evil with his lightning quick brain.


While you need superheroes to save the day, these superheroes need you also. Indian comic industry has a lot to offer to your inner geek. Go ahead and pickup Indian comics and make your own superhero team to save the day.

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