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Interesting Facts About Everybody’s Favourite Mercenary: Deadpool

Killing is illegal. Killing with jokes? Well it’s not lesser illegal. But who does not love Deadpool! He kills people and kills in innovative ways. Essentially a superhero that doesn’t mind spilling blood, he became famous worldwide when his movie hit the Box-office in 2016. Marvel presented him the way he his in comics. With great fame, comes great stalking threat. Not exactly what Uncle Ben said, but yeah why not! Now that W(Sl)ade Wilson is famous, we will stalk all the way back to the time when he was just a merc without a mouth.

He can’t get drunk

Guess who am I? I’m red, I’m immortal, I kill people and I can’t get drunk. That completely can’t be Deadp.. Well it is him. With his excelled healing factor, he can’t get drunk. Even if he drinks a sea of alcohol it may well only have some effect for seconds.

You either die a villain or live long enough to become a hero

Well the saying goes opposite of what is written but it is such in case of the nut job he is. He was introduced as a villain in his debut comics New Mutants #98. Quite a progress it has been for Deadpool who has now become a full fledged hero in the Marvel universe.

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What’s in a name?

Marvel has struck gold with the movie making money worldwide. Everyone loves his unique personality. But why does he go by the name of Deadpool? He was named after a betting pool run by a group of failed government subjects which gave each of them odds of survival. His odds were 1000 to 1. Being a winner he is, the anti-hero smashed the odds.

OK. Enough of the article. Here’s Deadpool talking about Deadpool so that you know how Deadpool became Deadpool in the most Deadpool way.

Editor says we have to continue the article. Duck it! Here’s more –

Deadpool had a baby with Spiderman

Stop thinking. You read that right. Deadpool and Spiderman had a baby girl created out of their DNA. Her name is Itsy Bitsy, and she’s really is a horrifying mixture of Spider-Man and the red clown. She has the creepy legs of a spider and Deadpool’s penchant for meta-humor, as well as a talent for throwing the heroes OFF. She calls Spiderman “Spider-Daddy” and our dude as“Dead Daddy”.

Expert Linguist

The anti-hero won’t need pathetic dubbing of Ranveer Singh when he comes to India. Deadpool is an expert linguist. While he speaks five languages fluently, he can pronounce “chimichangas” in seven languages. Mrit-Pokhara. Yeah that sounds right!

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He has been in a number of relationships. The long list contains names like Black Widow, Yelena Belova, Death herself. You may also know that Thanos loves Death too. But he settled with a princess. Shiklah- princess of the Underworld and former fiancee of The Count himself – Dracula. His love list surely makes quite a few powerful enemies. But as they say – love is blind.

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