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Has The Indian Media Disgusted Journalism By Becoming A Pet For BJP And The Congress Led Left?

A biased media and journalism give birth to an already dead Democracy. Media is being assumed the most powerful entity on the earth because they have the power to make an innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. They are controlling the minds of masses not only in India but in the world. News channels and media are the part of one’s daily life, hence fully capable of influencing people of all the generations and walks of life. Here we can understand how the masses have become the slave of the media and the media became a slave of TRP’s and political parties. It is strange that media has influenced political views instead of being liberal. You can clearly check the biasness of the media by watching the same news on different news channels where few news channels support BJP and the others Congress. The BJP supporters accuse some newspapers and channels of Anti Narendra Modi bias while the Congress supporters accuse the other of being the mouthpiece of BJP.

Have you ever analysed the left and right wing of Media?
If you follow media keenly then, you can clearly divide it as per the left and right wings depending upon political views. The left wing owns NDTV, ABP News, India Today group where in the right wing includes Zee News, India TV, Times Now (somewhat).

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Who owned who before 2014?

Before year 2014 when Congress party were in the government for around 54 years. Three Prime ministers were from the Congress party belonging to one family i.e. Nehru. In these 54 years Congress developed strong connections with mainstream media. Media and Congress came close and favours were exchanged. Let’s understand how Congress managed to be a favourite of the media for all these years ,and why media was so advantageous for Congress? Who all were there behind these nexus?

Chairperson and Editorial Director of the Hindustan Times Group,Ms. Shobhana Bhartiya is a daughter of KK Birla who was the strong follower and a major financier of Gandhi’s Congress Party and also a member of Rajya Sabha. Chief of Doordarshan Bhaskar Ghose who was very close to Indira Gandhi and the biggest follower of Congress. Karan Thapar from India Today and CNN-IBN connected with Congress. Sonia Singh, who is the wife of Congress Leader, owns NDTV. Kapil Sibbal also said in one interview that people associated with Congress own over 150 media publications. All these associations and affiliations helped alot to build and demonstrate the image, indeed! It will not be wrong to say that power from the center kept influencing the media for all these years.

After 2014 when BJP saved its prominent place in Media:

Things changed when in 2014 Bhartiya Janta Party came into the power and made its government, it was the second time when BJP received the chance to be in power after independence. BJP worked really hard to break the mechanism and the nexus between media and Congress by developing its own. Inevitably, after 2014 BJP has managed to be in lime light continuously. They followed the same way of owning the country through media and in turn the media has helped a lot in developing its image as a secular party from a communal or Hindu centric party.The prominent rulers of media which benefited BJP are – Subhash Chandra was nominated in Rajya Sabha with the support of BJP who owns the Zee group. Similarly BJP MP Mr. Chandrasekhar is funding Republic TV.

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How media is publishing news depending upon their affiliations?

For instance when BJP banned triple talaq in India, this bill should ideally be welcomed entirely from every media outlet as a right decision for the Muslim community but The Hindu played it down and called it counter productive. The Hindu was supporting its affiliation for Congress and left the right and wrong behind.
Communal incidents are being used as political weapons, if victim is a Hindu then it will be taken as normal crime but in case it happens to be a Muslim then it becomes a matter of Hindu-Muslim community and soon they convert it into a political matter. Like in the recent case of Kathua, religion of the victim created an environment of fear in minorities. The matter of JNU Row, NDTV and ABP criticized Delhi Police and Central government. Zee News aired videos of sloganeering which turned out to be doctored. In the case of Dadri, NDTV’s & ABP’s News coverage attacked the BJP government, even if it was a UP state affair. Zee News broadcasted it while attacking the UP government.

Media has forgotten the real sense of its existence and the responsibility that it holds. The Indian media has no moral compass, and they do whatever suits their needs. Be it TRPs, supporting a particular party or simply being paid for propagating false news. Ideally Media should be free from any bias but ideally it is hardly possible in this world.

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