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Klepetan and Malena: When Two Storks Took Over Humanity And Chivalry, Because Love And Humanity Don’t Belong To Humans Now!

Saying humanity and love don’t belong to humans now won’t surprise you anymore this time, seeing the horrifying acts of human these days. When around the world we listen about the civil wars, strikes, politics, and attacks, something is really pleasant is happening teaching us humanity and love somewhere in a corner of the world. For most of the people who think that storks are associated with newborn babies should take a deep breath because storks have also proved that they are also very committed and faithful mates to their partners, which is something humans could learn a thing or two from them.

Here we are talking about two storks who recently became famous on the internet and worldwide for their bond and emotional attachment, It is about longing, waiting and overcoming one of the hardest obstacles in any relationship that is distance. Storks are normally monogamous they prefer one mate for the lifetime but this is something they both are doing out of the box which cannot be thought of or is expected from a pair of birds.

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Every year a male stork named Klepetan takes  a long flight of thousands of mile from Southern Africa to Croatia just to meet his female partner, Malena, who is unable to fly. Klepetan is continuously flying this way to meet her mate for 16 years and this act has made them some sort of a celebrity in the Eastern European nation.

Role of Stjepan Vokic  in Klepetan and Malena’s love story:

Stjepan Vokic is a 71-year-old local man from the village of Brodska Varos in Croatia. He found Malena injured near a pond after she got shot by a hunter. He took her home and prepared her nest in a way that resembles the climate of Africa. He said in an interview-“I also take her fishing since I can’t take her to Africa. We even watch TV together. If I had left her in the pond foxes would have eaten her. But I changed her fate, so now I’m responsible for her life.” Each year he prepares a bucket of fish for Klepetan also on his arrival so that he can recover from the long journey.

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He made a nest on the roof for Malena where she waits for Klepetan to visit her every year in spring flying for approximately 9,000-miles from near Cape Town, South Africa.The pair has parented 62  baby storks and normally mother takes care of food for their children but in their case, Klepetan takes care and hunts for their children as Malena can not fly and hunt.

Every year travelers and media visit that small village to see whether Klepeton reached his love Malena or not, people don’t doubt his loyalty but get worried considering  his long dangerous flight From South Africa to Somalia and Iraqi desert making all the way to Croatia. Malena has full faith and she waits all the year with trust that Klepetan will come as he has never missed it ever since they met 15 years ago. Where humans have became  selfish and  practical , Klepetan and Malena are showing that love has no limit and distance doesn’t matter at all. This is indeed a teaching to all human beings.

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