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The Mystery Behind Mona Lisa’s Painting Has Finally Been Decoded After 500 Years!

Everyone of us is quite familiar about the popularity of Mona Lisa’s painting. But do you know Mona Lisa was not always an icon. It was painted in 1507 and was quite unknown and unappreciated until a scandal broke in 1911. Then what made it popular? How many mysteries are connected to it? It took around 500 years to solve the mystery of Lisa’s smile in her painting. Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait is the most discussed art work ever in the history. Some say it become famous worldwide because of the mesmerizing beauty of Mona Lisa , for some it was just the craze of the painting within itself, while quite a few times it caught the attention due to it’s theft and conspiracy revolving around the same. Some assumed it to be pure imagination while other penned down the reality of it’s existence, but how many of us know the real name of the portrayed woman if not Mona Lisa?

Well, we all are living with so many myths connected to the painting like her beauty was purely imagined by Leonardo Da Vinci which is not at all the truth. Her beauty was not discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci but it was her husband who insisted Leonardo to make a painting of her wife .Her name is not Mona Lisa but Lisa Gherardini. She was quite beautiful and the owner of an extraordinary personality.

What made it famous worldwide?

Art critics from that time say , reason behind this painting’s enormous publicity was news of it’s theft, Pablo Picasso another famous painter of that time was accused of stealing it and was jailed, this news made it famous and increased curiosity among the people. Later on the real culprit Vincenzo Perugia was caught for the theft of the same. For two years, it was assumed to be lost till it was regained. The portrait was quickly turned into an iconic image known to all. Thousands of people came to the Louvre just to stare at the empty wall where the Mona Lisa had hung.

Another reason which made it famous was it got attacked more than once. In the year 1956 acid was thrown on the bottom of this painting to destroy it and during the same year a vandalist threw rocks at the painting which destroyed the carvings of the art. Just after this  incident, the painting was covered by a bullet proof glass. It was also insured for 100 million dollars after the attacks, which was a huge amount for that time.

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Mystery behind her smile?

Years and years of study and research went on her smile, according to the recent study in University of Freiburg, it is declared whether she is happy or sad? She is happy. Study took twelve participants and nine black and white photograph of Mona Lisa were shown to them and eight of them was digitally manipulated, four to make her sadder and four to make her happier. After that photographs were reshuffled and had been shown to them again.The twelve member team found that the original photo was thought to be “happy” 97 per cent of the time.

A second experiment was also conducted. It involved eight sadder versions of this portrait and original was kept as happier version. Team found the manipulated photos were proclaimed ever sadder than before. The Neuro scientists concluded this mystery as “There may be some ambiguity in another aspects but not in the sense of happy versus sad.”

Apart from all the facts and figures a man behind it himself is a legend, just his name was enough to make it famous. Leonardo Da Vinci was not only a painter but a scientist, a doctor and an inventor. Mona Lisa painting was his penultimate art  and came out as master piece. But yes we can deny the fact that connected mysteries and incidents played an important role to make it famous worldwide.

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