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List Of Foods Which Should Not Be Kept In Refrigerator But We Bet Some Of These Are Sitting In Your Fridge Right Now !

There is always a belief that keeping food in the refrigerator makes it fresher and makes it more hygienic. Keeping food out of fridge spoils the food. But do you know keeping certain foods in refrigerator can change their flavors and in fact it can change its nutritional quality.

Here is the list of some food which should not be kept in refrigerator. We bet some of these are sitting in your fridge right now!


Don’t get shocked! You read it right storing tomatoes in refrigerator looses its flavor and start becoming mushy. The temperature of fridge can cause the damage to membranes of the tomatoes, which make them watery and mealy. The tomatoes should be kept at room temperature away from sunlight.


Potatoes are not meant to be refrigerated, as potato starch turn into sugar which makes potato poor in taste. It also looses its color while cooking. One should store them out of light in net bag and don’t wash before storing.

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Bananas grow in hot climate so they don’t require cold temperature to keep them. The enzymes which are essential for bananas to ripen become inactive in cold weather. And some of the them cause the banana skin to blacken.


Onions should not be kept in the fridge as they can become mushy and soft due the moisture in the fridge. Onions require air and exposure to breathe. The scent of onion affects other food inside the fridge.

Nuts and dry fruits

We have always seen in our house that all the dry fruits are stored in refrigerator but do you know this is the biggest mistake we are making. Storing dry fruit in fridge cause harm instead of doing good. The cold temperature affects the taste of nuts and it starts to absorb the smell of fridge. Dry fruits should be stored in air tight containers.

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Refrigerated garlic looses its flavor and the coolness of refrigerator also affects the lifespan of garlic as well. It may start to sprout and turn rubbery. So always store garlic in paper bag in cool and dark place.

Cooking oils

Oils should never be stored in refrigerator, as the cold temperature can solidify and turn them into a butter-like consistency. The only oils which should be refrigerated are nut-based oils.


For a lifetime now we all have stored cucumbers in refrigerator which is wrong, as cold temperature harm them and make cucumber watery and pitted. Cucumbers should be stored at room temperature.

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