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Looking For Commitment Or A Relationship? Beware Of These Zodiac Signs

The word commitment seems scary and a big deal for some people, as they are afraid of making any commitments in a relationships. They are good at flirting but when it comes to commitment there is a big no. If you are in love or fallen in love recently, there can be a possibility that he or she might be afraid of commitment. Before getting hurt, you can check on your partner with their zodiac signs if you believe in stars and astrology.

Here are the Zodiac signs mostly like to run from commitment


Aries love their freedom, so they are good at the flirting stuff but when they feel that things are getting serious they start feeling bound. Aries are commitment phobic. This zodiac sign bearinng people want to enjoy their life at their own rules. Aries want relationships where there are no restrictions. They believe in doing things for themselves which makes them happy, instead of doing it for others. Where there is no FREEDOM, they can’t commit. So, if you are planning to date or started dating Aries be aware, before its too late.


Geminis are very introvert kind of people as they love being single. Geminis think that no one will understand them. They don’t like the idea of commitment and the things which comes with it. These people have trust issues, as they can’t trust someone easily. Geminites want to spend all their time alone instead of spending or sharing their time with others. If you force a Gemini for commitment, they will start un-liking you.

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Librans hate being alone, shocked why they are in this list? Hate being alone doesn’t mean that they want to be committed or be in a relationship. Librans are afraid of commitment because they are not sure if they can be loyal or not. They want a person who can be casual with them instead of getting serious in relationship with emotions. Commitment means trap for this zodiac sign.


Sagittarians are free souls, they want to explore the whole world. There motto of life is Live, Laugh and Travel. Sagittarius don’t stick to one place as they travel alot, so they don’t get close to people because at the end they are leaving. Commitment is big deal for them and that’s not their thing. This zodiac sign people want someone close with whom they can hangout and do crazy stuff without creating any tension. Sagittarius can’t dedicate them self completely to someone.

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Aquarians actually look for someone to commit to but they are also afraid of loosing their freedom. They want stability as well as freedom in their life. They are not the emotional one and don’t usually like emotional people. Friendship comes before anything else for this zodiac sign. They prefer to keep things light and casual.


Pisces live in romantic fantasies and dreamy worlds. But when it comes to commitment, they get scare with the thought of getting dedicated to someone. They love to spend time doing little things, which makes them happy. Pisces people are full of fear, so for them commitment word is similar to them as seeing a ghost.

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