Yogi, Adityanath, Hindu, Monk, Yogi Adityanath: A Hindu Monk or A Radical Political Opportunist

A Hindu Monk Turned Politician Yogi Adityanath completes One Year Of Office As Chief Minister

The Hindu Nationalist Leader Yogi Adityanath, even known to be a hardline advocate of Hindutva took his oath as the 32nd Cheif Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 19th March 2017. Born as Ajay Mohan Bisht on 5th June 1972, Yogi Adityanath completes an entire year of his leadership in one of the biggest state of India.

What does one know about Yogi Adityanath?

He was born in Panchur, Pauri Garhwal. His father was a forest ranger and he was the second born among the 7 brothers and sisters. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University. At the mere age of 21, he renounced his family and became the disciple of Mahant Avaidyanath, his maternal uncle. In 2014, after the demise of his spiritual father Mahant Avaidyanath he became the head priest of Goraknath Math. He became the peethdishwar of the math on 14th September 2014 under the rituals of the Nath sect.

Adityanath’s early life in Politics:

In 1998, Yogi Adityanath was elected to the Lower House of the Indian Parliament – Lok Sabha. Later he started his own militant youth wing Hindu Yuva Vahini founded in April 2002 on the day of Ram Navami. According to the Indian Media this was more for protecting cows, fighting Love Jihaad, performing Ghar wapasi instead of concentrating on their main objective: integration of and mutual good faith within the massive Hindu Society, through the complete abolishment of the differentiation between touchables-untouchables and high-low castes, promote the harmonious development of society. People also believed the practices of Hindu Yuva Vahini was violent. People called him a provocative orator.

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The Reason Why Mahatma Gandhi Was Killed…

Soon at the age of 26, he became the youngest member of the 12th Lok Sabha. He was elected to the Parliament for 5 consecutive terms -1998,1999,2004,2009,2014. In 2007 just before the assembly elections he was jailed for 15 days for the riots caused in Gorakhpur. When he took the oath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the state which is known for its crimes and thugs, he promised a lot many things which he wished to bring into the state. His few achievements would include the Anti-Romeo Squad, whose main objective was to reduce the eve teasing and sexual harassments in the state. He banned pan, tobacco in government buildings, he terminated the services of non-government advisors who enjoyed the benefits of a minister. He shut down the slaughter houses which were running illegally, he has also taken severe actions on the food mafia. Other than this he has seen to the encounters of many criminals, loans have been waivered off for farmers, more than 80 thousand kilometers of roads have been repaired and some are still under repair, widow pension increased, he has also gotten rid of interviews for non-gazette recruitments, and he has seen to it that  free electricity is been provided to more than 16 lakh people which included 6 lakh people below poverty line. These are some of his achievements of the Hindu disciple in the past one year.

There are people who find this monk to be changing the state in a positive way, but there are many more who do not support and understand his ‘Kattar’ views and approaches. In many occasions he has been heard of making controversial statements come it be Islam or Pakistan. This saffron robe clad man has been heard making comments where he said he would install statues of Godess Gauri , Ganesh and Nandi in every mosque if required. He is the same man who also compared the Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan for using the same language as the Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed. He has also compared Pakistan to Satan when they allegedly attacked the Indian air force base in Pathankot. Adityanath has never feared while openly supporting the decision of Donald Trump in which he banned the citizens from 7 Muslim-majority countries entering the United States and asked India to adopt a similar policy to reduce terrorism. He has always proudly showed off his Hidutva beliefs in many occasions, like his documentary film Saffron War – Radicalization of Hinduism which was believed to spread disharmony through his hate speeches.

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The monk turned politician completed one year of his tenure yesterday and Uttar Pradesh which is also popularly known as “Ulta” Pradesh is seeing the light towards positivity. In this one year, women have started feeling a little safer in this state. If he receives continues support from his party BJP, then we can have hope from this lost state. But the end result will be shown only at the end of his 5 year tenure. Will Yogi Adityanath be able to make this state more safe and a better state or will his ramble rousing speeches cause riots?

All we need to do is wait patiently and let the monk turned politician work his way through. When the country has given so many corrupt and uneducated leaders a chance then why not give a chance to a man of god, to prove his caliber to change a lost state to a state with a purpose.

Guest Writer- Dayita Chakrabarty

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