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Popular Food Which We Only Know By It’s Hindi Name

”Rani: Mummy, heeng ko English me kya kehte hai ?

Her mother: heeng ko English me heeng hi kehte hai , beta”

This is a dialogue from the movie Queen. We all have had this conversation with someone. While watching some food shows on television there are some of the words which go above our heads and we get confused which ingredient is it, I bet we all have faced this problem. There are some foods and vegetables which are only known by their hindi names.


The fruit Sitaphal is known as  Sugar Apple or Custard Apple  in english. This fruit is known to cool the body and that is why in Sanskrit it is known as Sheetaphal and in hindi we call it Sitaphal.


We all love Sooji ka halwa but we never thought that what we call Sooji in english? Sooji in english is called Semolina.


Brown color fruit Chikoo in english is known as  Sapodilla.

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One of the best foods to eat during a fast is Sabudana ki khichri. The english name of Sabudana is  Tapioca Sago. Complex to pronounce.


Ajwain,the oval shaped, pale brown seed like fruit in english is known as Carom seeds.


Do you know what we call Colocasia Roots in hindi? It is known as Arbi in Hindi. They are also called Taro roots.


Amla is a very beneficial fruit and very rich in Vitamin C. In english it is known as a Gooseberry.


Tinda is known as the Apple Gourd.

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Vegetable Lauki is known as Bottle Gourd.


Methi is known as Fenugreek.


Saunf which we eat after food to digest it. In english it is known as Fennel seeds.


The dark green color vegetable Turai in English is known as Ridged Gourd.

Phool Makhana

The lightest dry fruit Phool Makhana in English is known as  Fox Nuts. It is very rich in Calcium.


Vegetable Parval in English is known as Pointed Gourd.

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