Shazam, Shazam!, Captain Marvel, DC, Superman

SHAZAM!: Everything You Need To Know About Him

With great power, comes great responsibility – of taking your superheroes to the silver
screen. The world going crazy after superhero movies and they can’t wait for more. The
newest entry to the silver screen is Shazam. If you are safe from “Tera Ghata” madness, you
must have stumbled across SHAZAM! trailer which was dropped by Warner Bros. If you
haven’t seen it, here it is.

A superhero of DC Comics, Shazam is quite popular amongst comic fans but is unknown for
a normal movie goer. If you fall in the second category, don’t worry, we have got you
covered. Here is everything you need to know about Shazam.

The REAL Captain Marvel

The post credit scene of Marvel’s Infinity War got people talking about Captain Marvel and
her entry to the silver screen. However, you may be surprised by the fact that Marvel’s
Captain Marvel is not the original Captain Marvel. Shazam was the original Captain Marvel.
Here’s another surprise for you – DC’s Captain Marvel ie Shazam wasn’t originally published
by DC. He was created by CC Parker and Bill Peck for rival publisher Fawcett Comics in

Shazam, Shazam!, Captain Marvel, DC

Originally, Shazam was created as a response to Action Comic’s Superman who debuted in
1939. The creation was successful as Captain Marvel topped Superman in terms of
popularity. However, the success was short lived as DC sued Fawcett for copyright
infringement, and Fawcett retired the character in 1953 under the agreement that they’d
never publish a Captain Marvel comic again. But fate had another plans for Captain Marvel.
DC revived Captain Marvel and started producing new series in 1970. But by then Marvel
had introduced and established its own Captain Marvel. This resulted in the birth of the
name- Shazam. DC decided to publish Captain Marvel comics by the title of Shazam. The
SHAZAM! comic series began with SHAZAM! #1.

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Who Is Shazam?

Shazam is actually a child named William Joseph “Billy” Batson , who was given the magical
powers by an aging wizard named Shazam to protect The Rock Of Eternity. The Rock of
Eternity was the lair of the wizard Shazam. The Seven Deadly Sins were imprisoned there.
Young Billy whenever utters the word “ SHAZAM! “ he transforms into the superhero we

Shazam, Shazam!, Captain Marvel, DC

Shazam is actually an acronym. S is for Solomon,H for Hercules, A for Atlas, Z for Zeus, A
for Achilles and finally M for Mercury. Shazam has power of these six mythological figures.
Wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, Power of Zeus, courage of
Achilles, speed of Mercury. Shazam is invulnerable at best. The only way to defeat him is to
make him say SHAZAM! again so that he converts back to his child self Billy Batson.

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The Super- Shazam!

We have seen Superman manhandle the Justice League in the Justice League movie. Likes
of Wonder Woman and Aquaman couldn’t stop him. But in the comics, Shazam has gone toe
to toe with him and even sucker punched Superman.

Shazam, Shazam!, Captain Marvel, DC

He is essentially Superman with added magical powers. It is well known that aside from
Kryptonite, Superman’s weakness is magic. So next time when Batman needs a team to
stop Superman, someone might actually. Shazam! Movie hits the theatres on 5th April 2019.

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