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Surprising!!! Real Life Incidents That Inspired George R.R Martin For The Game Of Thrones

The worldwide current favourite fiction novel series Game Of Thrones by George R.R Martin is just not a work of total imagination and creativity, even the writer himself claims that the world has been through more sinful incidents in the historical times. The series has been thoroughly inspired in bits and pieces by the historical culture, nature of characters and incidents occurring throughout.

So here are some clear similarities between the history of the globe and the famous fiction series ‘Game of Thrones’:-

The rulers of two great kingdoms; The Starks and The Lannisters.

The war which happened in the 15th century over the throne in England; war of roses seems to be a pretty much inspiration for the writer for creating the two houses of the series; The Starks and The Lannisters. These two houses seems to be representing the House of York and the House of Lancaster fighting the battle after the hundred years’ war. Just like in the series the Westeros; the Lannisters seemed to be rich, they depicted the real life wealthy House of Lancaster, even their names sound similar.

The map of Westeros

The map where the kingdoms resided is clearly shown in the commercial series, which is quiet similar to the upside down map of the England and Ireland beneath it. Even the Great War for the throne happened in the UK as seen in the fictional series by George R.R Martin.

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The Wall in Game Of Thrones

In one of the interviews George R.R Martin claims to visit the Hadrian’s Wall in the England which divided the Romans from the Scottish Barbarians. His motive was to understand how it felt like to be a roman soldier to live in a distance not knowing what is behind the forest awaiting for it. The Wall in the series also divides the humans from the White Walkers is also placed in the same place of the map of Westeros as seen in the England’s map.

The black water battle wildfire

When Tyrian Lannister used magical wildfire to push away Stannis Baratheon and his navy during the battle of black water bay, the way fire keeps burning on the surface of the water it seems to be a little incanted. But our history has the solution for it too, the Greek fire. The Greek Fire was used by the Constantinople people to keep away Arab armies from the invasion, it also had the ability to continue burning on the surface of water.

The Red Wedding massacre

On seeing the red wedding massacre in Game of Thrones, the heart beats of every spectator were hugely effected. It’s a bit relief to know that writer didn’t fantasize the deadly massacre at the feast. As seen from the historical events around the world, George R.R Martin took influence from two incidents; the Black Dinner and the Glencoe Massacre. In the Black Dinner, the king of Scotland invite the Earl of Douglas for a dinner promising their safety which resulted to their murders as seen in the fiction too. And in the Glencoe Massacre, Clan Campbell invited their detractors to stay overnight with them, resulting in a great slaughtering at midnight.

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The characters

From the mother of dragons to the ruthless young king, Jeoffery Baratheon. From the betrayed, Theon Greyjoy to the clever Littlefinger. Every impactful character was inspired from the history. Henry Tudor was an exiled nobleman who spent his time across the narrow sea in France, as seen by Daenerys Targarian. Though Tudor fought for the Lancasters for the England throne, let’s see what happens in this fictional case!

Edward of Westminister is the real life inspiration for the evil character Jeoffery Lannister. Edward was seen fighting in the battle of Tewkesbury at the age of seventeen, ordering to kill and rule alike Jeoffery.

Theon Geoffery was found guilty by betraying with the king of the north, by holding hands with the enemies. In the real world, George Plantagenet battled in the war of roses on the side of House York and later he was found guilty of treason by battling on the side of the house Lancaster.

While the character Petyr Littlefinger is inspired from the real life minor nobleman, Oliver Cromwell.

Game Of  Thrones seems to be a great example and a medium of portraying different ironical incidents and wicked characters, George R.R Martin thoroughly studied the historical events from around the world and gifted an exemplary work to the fictional world of readers.

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