Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Cauvery, Water, Tamil Nadu's Demand For Cauvery Water Is Completely Unfair for Karnataka. Read Why

Tamil Nadu’s Demand For Cauvery Water Is Unfair By A Long Margin

Injustice to Tamil Nadu or Karnataka? Why has it remained a never-ending dispute? Over the past two weeks, Cauvery water dispute is making headlines. Recently on 16th February 2018 when Supreme court ordered to implement the formula as per the verdict, it announced to reduce 14 Tmc ft water allocation to Tamil Nadu and now Karnataka to release only 177 Tmc ft of water to Tamil Nadu for next 15 years. The verdict also mandated to constitute the Cauvery river management board by the union government within 40 days for implementing strictly the tribunal award and its verdict. Which made Tamil Nadu farmers angry and unsatisfied with SC’s decision as it increased Karnataka’s share and reduced Tamil Nadu’s share in percentage as compared to previous shares in the years.

Ever since Cauvery water dispute Tribunal came into the formation, questions remains the same whether it got resolved or is it a beginning of the dispute? Now after 150 years we are at the same place, the dispute is as it is. Who do you think is behind the fault? Do politicians from both side not want to let go off the opportunity for hue and cry? If you dig the past you will find clear facts, why we call it injustice with Karnataka? Do we really need anything to hog up our peace when we already have such never ending issues in the country. Not only Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are in this race ,we have so many in queue like Punjab and Haryana fighting over the Ravi-Beas, the Mahadayi dispute between Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra, and the Krishna water disagreement between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.We are already in the era where the shortage of water is taking lives of many people.

Cauvery water Dispute, Out of the Politics:

Protesting against cauvery water distribution is one thing but converting it in a battle of linguistic identities or vote bank, makes it worst, which has been done by political parties in both the states for getting advantages in elections. It will help collect votes indeed but will not solve the dispute.

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Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Cauvery, Water

Why has It remained a never ending dispute, even after so many verdicts and awards?

While both the states developing by increasing irrigation area, Karnataka claims that State has very less water for drinking and irrigation purpose due to which it cannot share a large percent of water with other states, It holds it, as Cauvery originates from Karnataka. On the contrary, Tamil Nadu claims that Karnataka purposely holds the supply despite of having enough water. It has been seen that when there is a good mansoon it goes smooth but the lack of rain brings out the worst scenerio among the states and polititician. Inadequency of rainfall superseeds all the decisions and awards taken in the past. No award or agreement could ever predict the rain fall resulting in a never ending dispute.

Lets have a brief revision of verdicts and agreements before 2018? And Why it always been Injustice to Karnataka? To get the answer we have to dig the history. It all happened during the time of Cholas who ruled that part of the country which is now Tamil Nadu, they had build reservoirs and check dams in the 10th century and later to utilise its water for irrigation. Tamil nadu farmer had the early advantage. During the 1894 and 1924 Tamil Nadu had 15 to 20 Lac acres under the irrigation where Karnataka had only 6.5 Lacs acres and now in the present, it has increased with 15 lacs so since that time Tamil Nadu is utilising 80% of cauvery water for irrigation and yeild.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Cauvery, Water

Year 2007, Who contributes more gets less:

After years of discussion and calculation by specilists and experts it was declared that depending on 50% of monsoon total availability of water would be 740 TMC ft. Distribution made as 419 TMC , 270 TMC to Karnataka, 30 TMC to Kerala and 7 TMC to Puducherry and excess of 14 Tmc goes in to the sea. Why is it in a way where the one who contributes more gets less? Karnataka contributes 462 TMC ft. It is allowed to use 270 TMC ft., Tamil Nadu which contributes 227 TMC ft. gets 419 TMC ft. and Kerala which contributes 51 TMC ft. is allowed to use 30 TMC ft.

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Year 2012, Failed Mansoon:

On 19 September 2012, it had been directed to Karnataka to release 9,000 cusecs of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu daily. But Karnataka opposed it as this was impractical due to the drought conditions prevailing because of the failed monsoon. Karnataka then reached to the high-level meeting as a sign of protest. On 21 September, Karnataka filed a petition before the Cauvery River Authority seeking review of its 19 September ruling.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Cauvery, Water

2016: Accepted on Humanaterian Ground:

Karnataka denied the realease of water to Tamil Nadu then on 2nd sept 2016 Supreme court asked Karnataka to accept Tamil Nadu’s request on humanitarian grounds and release the water and suggested to both the states to maintain harmony.

Solution that may help?

Fighting on the same issue again and again would increase the chance of dirty politics, it cannot be a solution that satisfies both parties. It is crystal clear that in the year of less rainfall Cauvery cannot supply water to both the states adequately. Long term solution should be beyond the distribution of water between the states. For example Karnataka has the westward flowing rivers of Karnataka have water availability of 2,000 tmc ft per year. If this water is diverted to the Cauvery through inter-basin transfer structures then it would be  of great help for both. States can also improve on water harvesting methods and finding other options of cultivation which need less water.

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