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US Navy Denies The Existence Of Bermuda Triangle Yet The Rig Veda Confirms It!!

Bermuda Triangle is the greatest unsolved mystery of the modern age. On an average 4 planes and 20 boats were sunk or vanished in it, with no trace of any remains, due to the Gulf Stream being believed to have moved them away. Sometime these disappearances have been blamed on UFOs, strange mists, and even time travel. People also felt electronic fog in Bermuda Triangle, which can be a time travel tunnel too, if a few time travel believers are to be trusted. At least 1000 lives have been lost within the last 100 years. Explanations for these disappearances range from portals to other dimensions to fields of methane gas, but the fact is that none of these theories have been proven. Lets first understand what is the Bermuda Triangle.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle is found between the cities of Miami, San Juan (Puerto Rico). It is also called the Devils Triangle because of these mysterious disappearances. It is an area in the far western part of the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is much more than just a body of water. Just to tell you Bermuda Triangle is one of the rare places on the earth where the compass does not point towards magnetic north, instead of that, it point towards true north, which creates a lot confusion and that’s why so many ships and planes have lost their route in the triangle mysteriously.

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As per the history Christopher Columbus was the first who noted the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. He wrote in his journals that inside this area, the watercraft’s compass stopped working and he saw a fireball in the sky too.

Few Reported Incidents  are:

  • In Year 1840 , ship Rosalie was disappeared.

  • In Year 1872, Mary Celeste’ disappeared with a 10-man crew on board, none of whom were ever found.

  • In Year 1902, erman boat ‘Freya’ left Cuba and disappeared for a day. It was found in the same place it sailed from, with none of its crew left.

  • In Year 1918, the vessel had 309 people on board when it vanished from calm seas without any warning.

  • In Year 1945, a flight started from Florida (USA), when went about 120 miles east, its contact was broken from base station and plane disappeared.

  • In Year 1951, another ship carrying 53 travelers disappeared in this region. Due to safety and precautionary reasons.

  • In year 1999,he cargo ship sunk off the Bermuda Islands, in Cape Verde. Its cargo included water tanks, boards, concrete and bricks.

What  Rig Veda has to reveal about Bermuda Triangle?

As per Rig Veda, Planet Mars is the son of Earth, in other words we can say it was born out of the Earth. That’s the reason Mars also called Bhauma, son of Bhumi. Asya Vamasya Sukta in Rig Veda states “When the planet Earth gave birth to the planet Mars, Mars separated from its mother, the thigh of the mother, and she got imbalanced and to stop this Aswini Kumar(Godly doctor) poured a lot of iron into this triangular injury and the earth fixed itself in the current position. That is why; the Earth is slightly bent at the axis”. And this injury turned into Bermuda Triangle and the iron which was poured into the space become the place or a center of disappearances of aircraft and ships. Strange part is Earth and Bermuda triangle both are tilted at 23 and half degree. There is also a concept that Mars is red in color due to the presence of many dried river beds on it. Coral gemstone which is related to Mars is also red and is only found under the water. Another reference is in Ramayana. There was one demon named Simhika ,was described in Ramayana. He was the giant evil having the ability to attract anything flying over the ocean and pull it into the water.

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If Hindu mythology is to be believed then Bermuda Triangle does exist with a complete said story but the US navy still denies the existence of Bermuda triangle  for some reasons. Few researchers have regarded these disappearances to extra terrestrial aliens. However till date nobody can find out the real reason behind this. For about 500 years, it was named danger region after the disappearances of planes and ships. Till now all ships and planes that have gone past this point have not made it out alive. That is why, while deciding routes, the planes and ships avoid this course. That is again a question if the US navy denies on the fact then why  avoid these courses and routes?

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