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Undying Team Spirit: The Reason Behind Success Of CSK

CSK have reached the final of IPL, in other news, sky is blue. Powered by wonderman Faf, CSK snatched the win out of the jaws of defeat in the most unpredictable turnaround. Chasing a score of 140, MS Dhoni’s yellow army was slipping to a defeat until Faf du Plessis changed the gears and stunned SRH. While fans were backing the famed CSK side to reach the finals, many neutrals have been shocked by the manner of CSK’s victory. Looking at the scorecard, Faf du Plessis is the hero of this victory. But the most important reason of the success of CSK is its undying team spirit.

Why is team spirit the X-factor of CSK?

From the very start of IPL, CSK was one of the heavyweights of the tournament. They won the tournament two times in 2010 and 2011 while reaching the finals eight times before they were banned for two years. Prior to the ban CSK developed a dedicated fan base which had strong connection with the squad of players. The crowd of Chennai always fueled CSK to give maximum performance. After an exile of two years, the core of the trophy winning squad was maintained when they came back in IPL 2018. Captain MSD, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, DJ Bravo were reunited. Ravichandran Ashwin was the only one to miss out.

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The same core of CSK helped the new bunch of players feel at home, take pride in wearing the jersey and play for the fans. In every stage of IPL, CSK found a new hero emerging from the shadows to save the day. Players like experienced Shane Watson, consistent Rayudu and  mastermind MSD stood up when needed. Ravindra Jadeja was struggling in the beginning but the team kept faith on him, helping him out of his bad patch. That’s what a real team do instead of chopping and dropping players.

Captain MS Dhoni also emphasised how team spirit and the dressing room atmosphere has guided CSK to success. Speaking after the match, MSD said,

“Even if one of them is lacking, you can’t have a good dressing room atmosphere and if the atmosphere is not great, it becomes difficult to perform on the pitch. Somehow we’ve been able to push the players into thinking about what’s good for the team,”

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The importance of the undying team spirit can be well understood by the failure of Virat Kohli’s RCB. A group of eleven supremely talented cricketers can’t win you tournaments until they play as a team, play for each other as a team. Purple and orange caps don’t land the IPL trophy, it’s the team effort that does. Franchise cricket is often dubbed as mercenary cricket, but the success of CSK shoes that cricket remains a gentleman’s game in its true form.

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