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Does The Grand Old Congress Finally Need a Fresh Face? What Is Stopping Priyanka Gandhi From Coming Forward?

It seems like Congress’s biggest enemy is not Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) ,but its own hypocrisy and tendency to create unwanted goofups. Now Congress needs nothing but a leader who can connect people on emotional grounds, having mass appeal among the poor and the farmers. The entire country is closely watching the two most powerful parties of India BJP and Congress with hoping eyes. It is a general tendency of people in every nation that they support patriotism and patriotic leaders the most, blindly. By virtue of human nature people tend to choose a man of the country over an outsider, that is where BJP makes a mark and wins all the merit over congress. However both the parties have black marks and achievements equally but a leader is making all the difference here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has settled himself on a morally high position among the masses in the battle of perceptions and Rahul Gandhi certainly  has never been able to match him. When Indian politics needs time and patience, Rahul Gandhi has none as and when he gets time he plans for a vacation which contradicts his interest in Indian issues at the time. As a savior, does Congress need Priyanka Gandhi to compete Modi? Can a strong leader revive Congress or some other course of corrections are required? Priyanka can serve as a backroom trouble shooter.

Why does Priyanka Gandhi hide herself when she can be the biggest rescuer?

Recently during the campaigning in Rai Bareli, Priyanka Gandhi disappointed people by saying that she is not interested in politics. Even if she takes the political dive, she will not be any better than Rahul Gandhi. What made her say this when she could actually pull out Congress from the current chaos. Is she underestimating her capabilities? If we apply market strategies on a leader like her then she speaks good Hindi, has a clear image, possesses an intellectual personality and most importantly she resembles Indira Gandhi the most. Congress workers and sympathizers expected that she will give a new direction to the party but her words failed to create any sort of a wave there.

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Does her surname ‘Vadra’ stop her from coming forward?

Congress always trusts genes more than ability, specially when it comes to leadership. Here, if Priyanka Gandhi takes a lead then leadership will go into Vadra’s hand which Sonia Gandhi doesn’t want for obvious reasons. Secondly if Priyanka comes forward then she can easily eclipse Rahul Gandhi as a face of Congress party. We have no doubt if someone can beat Narendra Modi then it could be Priyanka Gandhi. Sources said that she loves her brother the most and supports her dedicatedly, which can be the reason she doesn’t want to dive into active politics.

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Inevitably,Congress Party is facing leadership crises , launching Priyanka Gandhi as the new face of the party can change the game completely. ‘Never judge a book by its cover,’ whether she is a game changer or not that can be only seen once she comes forward and presents her case against BJP. In the present scenario when Congress has nothing to loose, it should definitely try Priyanka Gandhi as their Brahmastra.

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