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Financial Crunch For Congress? Why 2019 Elections Favour BJP

It is reported that BJP’s main rival and India’s oldest party Congress is facing financial crises from the last few years and the year 2018 made it worst. In one place where every state is crucially important for Congree, a financial crunch is the last thing they would want specially to a foe such as BJP. Sources report that just to overcome the crisis, Congress has urged members to step up contributions and asked officials to cut expenses. Party experts reveal that Congress is not getting much funding from electoral bonds as compared to BJP.

Was demonetization just a plan by BJP to make other parties poor?

Directly or indirectly demonetization was the biggest pain in the year for all the parties. As black money is mostly used to serve the purpose of election’s expenditures , Bartiya Janta Party took every step wisely keeping 2019 election in mind. When there would be no black money at opposition side then the race is half won for 2019. Let’s see how Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) is responsible for this financial downfall of Congress? How BJP has alone manged to corner 66.4 per cent of the total income of national parties?


Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) gone 81% rich after Demonetization:

In election political parties collect funds either through donation or contributions and these are mainly from anonymous sources. Parties are not obliged to declare the names of donors and contributors for most of the funding they show as income. As per the ADR, BJP received a staggering Rs, 997.12 crores of the total Rs, 1,034 crores or over 96 per cent from donations and contributions during 2016-17. On the contrary, Congress main source of income amounting to less than Rs 116 crore came from issuance of coupons. Inevitably demonetization allowed BJP to collect huge amounts of money that has no certificate of being clean money. The bulk of the hefty increase in the party income from mostly anonymous sources indicates a massive increase in the flow of black money to the BJP.

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Formation of BJP Parties in many states eclipse the Congress’s fund:

The difference between the income of the BJP and the Congress can be understood in the context of their current size and the number of states in which each party is in power. BJP’s income just got doubled since last year by increasing the number of BJP-ruled states. BJP is set to lead or be a partner in 21 of India’s 31 state governments and Congress, is in power in only four states , its lowest-ever tally and that includes Mizoram and Puducherry.

Congress is less Business-Friendly as compared to BJP:

Big businesses have steadily migrated away from the Congress. Bhartiya Janta Party has influential and decisive fund raising from business men because of its very friendly and proactive approach to business and businessmen of India. Funds from the industrialists have dried up for Congress.

How will Congress compete with BJP in 2019?

As per the ADR, if we see the graph of BJP’s income during and after the demonetization years 15-16 and 17-18, BJP’s income went up from Rs 570 crores to Rs 1,034 crores. And BJP spent over Rs 606 crores on elections and “general propaganda” as against the Congress, which spent  only Rs 149 crores. Looking at these figures it is crystal clear that 2019 elections will not be that easy for Congress, finance can be the biggest hurdle for the party to stand straight against BJP.

If we look at the financial condition of both the parties then in 2019 there will be a party on one side which is in a strong financial position as well as the ruling party, on the other hand there would be opposition who will be unable to spend more going through the series of financial crisis. We can only say that Congress will not be able to challenge Narendra Modi going through this downfall. The Congress on one hand is losing power and on other hand finance, believe it or not but it is definitely an advantage that will go to BJP’s hedge in election of 2019.

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