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One Mistake That Led To The Downfall Of Congress And The Rise Of TDP In Andhra Pradesh In 1984. Is Modi Repeating The Same Mistake?

Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, both states are going very tough for Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) these days. Where in Karnataka Congress played a masterstroke of Lingayat’s demand, in Andhra Pradesh TDP is playing with the demand of the special state. Congress has nothing to lose in  Andhra Pradesh but BJP may lose it’s biggest supporter TDP(Telugu Desam Party) in the coming elections. Where BJP has almost lost 18% of votes in Karnataka due to Lingayat’s demand. Now It should not take risk of losing TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Is BJP repeating the same mistake which  Indira Gandhi did in 1984  in Andhra Pradesh? Before looking at many other angels of TDP and Congress against BJP, let’s have a look over an incident that introduced TDP in Andhra Prades in 1984 and reminds us the biggest mistake of Indira Gandhi in the history of Andhra Pradesh’s politics.

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What happened in 1984 that Indira Gandhi government never faced to Andhra Pradesh Again?

Since the state’s inception in the 1950s to 1983, the Indian National Congress won every assembly election held in Andhra Pradesh. Things changed after one incident that occurred after 1982. Once Rajeev Gandhi then the AICC General secretary visited Andhra Pradesh privately. He did not want any crowd around him. Suddenly he found Congress Chief Minister Tanguturi Anjaiah waiting to welcome him at Airport, armed with garlands. Rajeev Gandhi did not like this gesture of the Chief Minister. In anger and arrogance, Rajeev Gandhi called Anjaiah, an elderly politician hailing from a weaker section of society, a ‘buffoon’. His anger did not end here, as he reached Delhi he convinced Indira Gandhi to remove Anjaiah on an immediate basis.

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It was considered as the insult of Telugu Bidda, this is how N T Rama Rao commonly known as NTR came into the picture. NTR built up the TDP with the help of Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu, his son-in-law and a minister in Anjaiah’s cabinet. This united group of TDP decided to teach a lesson to Congress. NTR began his campaign by traveling across the state covering 75000 km followed by the unprecedented crowd. They ensured the news of this formation  be spread over thirty million people. This was the time when news and media were busy covering this all day 24*7. They redefined, created and introduced new methods of campaigning. He converted a Chevrolet van into a rath (chariot), bringing tinsel-town techniques to politics. NTR’s rivals remained contemptuous. The response to their efforts was overwhelming. NTR focused on Congress ‘s corruption and the tendency of Delhi. NTR chose their representatives who were well educated and had a clean image. As expected TDP won that election with 201 seats out of 290 while Congress finished with 60 only.This was the biggest defeat of Congress in the history and TDP strongly showed their strength and power to the central.

Has TDP been provoked to support YSRCP’s move of ‘No confidnece motion’ against the Modi Government?

First of all let’s understand what is the No confidence motion. It is a vote of statement which states and demonstrates that elected parliament has no confidence in the appointed government?

TDP Chief Naidu is chasing BJP since four years for fulfilling state’s demands especially for Special State, earlier he announced that his party will move the no-confidence motion against the NDA government if their demands are not fulfilled. But, even before TDP could think, it’s biggest rival Jagan Mohan who was planning to move the no-confidence motion in the last week preponed his decision and gave the notice for the motion driving the TDP to a corner. So here TDP has no option but to follow the YSRCP. By not supporting this move of YSRCP, TDP will leave their winning chances and voters into their rival’s hand. Naidu who earlier withdrew his ministers from the Modi, led the ministry to outsmart Jagan Mohan but lost the political initiative to the opposition leader in the final round of the battle.


Is TDP playing a double game?

Sources said that Chief of TDP N Chandrababu Naidu is continuously holding meetings with opposition leaders including Congress and AAP. It can be a master move of TDP to get the support of opposition or else there can be no other reason to meet Congress being a big supporter of BJP for decades.

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Is TDP making a story while being aware of each of the steps of the 14th finance commission?

On the demand of special State, central government said that the 14th Finance Commission did not allow the government to grant special status. Unsatisfied,  Andhra CM accused the Modi government of “lying” and making “stories”, and said the commission’s chairman and members have said there was no such bar.

Clarification stating why BJP is not cheating TDP:

It was promised by BJP at the time of bifurcation of Telangana because Andhra Pradesh was suffered at that time .Andhra Pradesh was unwilling and Telangana wanted the division.  Since Andhra was suffering in terms of resources, it was promised that AP should be given special category status, at that time special category state concept did exist. But, the 14th Finance Commission removed the concept of special category. BJP also came up with the solution of raising the same financial support under the name of Special packages.

Here we have to give a deep thought over, why Chandrababu Naidu is not accepting this  and making it a big issue?

In this extreme situation, BJP can only be at the right side whatever be the cost, funds and the name of the funds cannot be decided on the basis of sentiments which TDP has yet to understand.Winning cannot be assured by dividing societies. Trusting and playing the tricks can only lead to dirty politics.

Guest Writer- Dhruvananda Singh

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