Kalki, Avatar, Darwin, Vishnu, Evolution

Will It Be The Kalki Avatar Or The Last Chapter Of Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution?

Kalki Avatar, incarnation of Lord Vishnu has always been the next step of evolution for humans as per the Sanatan Dharma. As per the Hindu mythology there are approximately ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Kalki is supposed to be the last and final incarnation of Vishnu and at the peak of Kaliyuga, he will be born as ‘A Destroyer’. We can also say it will be the last great age of the earth or last age of human development and evolution, after this the universe will restart. Indian mythology has always been considered as one of the bases of science and discoveries. What if it is the base of Darwin’s theory too? There is always a scientific fact behind every mythology which has been transferred to the generations.

Kalki, Avatar, Darwin, Vishnu, Evolution

Darwin gave the evolution theory and when you compare Darwin’s theory with Vishnu’s avatar then it gives some clear facts that both are similar or related to each other. Lets compare Darwin’s theory with each Avatar of Vishnu and understand whether it is a mere coincidence or a fact? Kalki is the last Avatar of Vishnu or the  last chapter of Darwin’s theory?

Darwin’s theory of evolution says that humans have evolved primarily from water or ocean and if you remember Vishnu’s first Avatar was “Matshya” the fish. This is the from where the world as we know it started. Similarly Darwin says the first class of vertebrates evolved in water in the form of fishes in the Silurian period. In other words both are similar and verify each other.

Kalki, Avatar, Darwin, Vishnu, Evolution

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After this evolution species had started coming out from the water and were able to survive on land. “Kurma” the tortoise was the second Avatar of Vishnu, the tortoise appeared during Samudramanthan. And second stage  of Darwin ‘s theory  started when species evolved to the reptiles from vertebrates , the tortoise is one of them.

The next Avatar “Varaha” is the third stage of Darwin’s theory of evolution ,as per this soon reptiles developed into the semi-amphibians , they developed their legs and started travel the distance. Varaha Avatar was the mammal and land animal.

Kalki, Avatar, Darwin, Vishnu, Evolution

Soon Darwin pours light on transformation of humans from the animal form, it can be related as to humans with a less developed mind. Next Avatar of Vishnu “Narshimha” was similar to what is described, he was half human and half animal.

After this transformation Darwin states in his theory that ape transformed into human but they were short and premature human. Vishnu’s fifth Avatar was “Vaman” avatar who was a complete human being and depicted as an intelligent being.

Later on as per Darwin humans invented few weapons and started hunting with the weapon, similarly Vishnu’s sixth Avatar “Parashuram” depicted a man with axes. So Parashuram was a Homo Sapiens similar to the present day human and the biological evolution ended at this stage. He had a completely developed mind and started living with visions.

Vishnu’s seventh Avatar of lord Ram depicted humans who started living in groups and maintained the kingdoms. Survival of the fittest began with this stage of the theory. Krishna was the eight Avatar of Vishnu as a cow herder and a teacher, as per the Darwin human started petting animals and advanced themselves with political societies and philosophies. Lord Krishna as per the religion created mystical works which were depicted in the Darwin’s theory as inventions by humans.

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Darwin stated about the enlightenment, humans started to attain enlightenment. Buddha was assumed the ninth Avatar of lord Vishnu. This avatar signifies the fact that a human being is capable of attaining ‘Moksha’.

And last Avatar is the Kalki Avatar in Kaliyuga .As per the Hindu Mythology it is being assumed as the last Avatar of lord Vishnu. He will restart the the whole cycle of life, similar to Darwin’s theory of the evolutionary cycle of development which hence will start again but  only after the complete development or the last age of human evolution. The evolution confirms that whatever is created has to be destroyed and the tenth Avatar of Vishnu will be” Kalki” a destroyer. Hence it gives clear facts that both are assuming similar people in context, only the places and circumstances were different during the creation of literature.

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