About Me

I am Saba Vakeel and just like my surname i enjoy advocacy of my thoughts. I have an opinion on every issue. However, i hate following a crowd blindly, which my write-ups clearly depict. I respect other people's opinion but believe in putting my points strongly. I have chosen to become a part of 'The Democratic Buzzer' as it provides a common platform to every ideology.


How I started writing?

All of it started with diary writing. I was very fond of story telling and writing since my childhood but as I grew up this fondness turned into passion. Writing is as inevitable for me as breathing.


Every idea has two aspects of it. Most of the times both are correct and incorrect in their own places. But i believe that one should talk about the aspect which would impact the lives of more people. In other words, the aspect which is not talked about by the so called "Professional Media" these days.


I always look for the answers of the unanswered questions. I do not like any boundations and limitations in discussions. Be it religious or social impediment, I will raise doubts if they are making lives difficult. Because according to me religion and society are supposed to make our lives easier. I never want and intend to hurt religious sentiments but whenever any rituals or believe affect lives I consider them as evil customs. I know its difficult but not impossible to write on such issues. If i have to..then i do write.. as its not only my right but also my duty.